Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do some people call you Sonny?
I used to go by “Sonny” in “Sonny & Ais” before I decided to be fancy and extra Italian.

2. Why no pictures of your face?
My daytime job makes association with erotic queer fiction a no-no. Therefore, I don’t distribute pictues of myself on the Internet with the exception of pics of me wearing ICoS merch with my face out of the frame. Please do not ask. It has nothing to do with my writing. I will not change my mind.

3. What other projects are you working on in the future?
You can find the answer to this question under the Books tab. 🙂

4. What about ICoS?
Ais and me will continue editing ICoS in Q3 2017. The Director’s Cuts of Evenfall are already posted for free. The books will be trimmed for length, the content will be tighter, and the series will shift from 4 giant novels to 7-8 volumes. We are also considering options to gather funds to professionally edit and self-publish the series.

5. What about 180 Proof Vega and Kassian/Ryan?
Despite my other projects, 180 Proof Vega and the Kassian/Ryan novella (or novel) will live! I will work on those things in the middle of the other projects. ICoS characters are my heart. I will never shuffle them to the side and forget about them.